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It’s always prudent to plan for the seasons of life, and that planning includes making allowance for difficulties that may not be foreseen. Maier Law Office can assist with establishing guardianships and probate matters. Fill out an online contact form today, or call (317) 264-3636. MLO serves Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.


Available services include helping establish guardianships for those who are unable to protect their own interests due to incapacity or disability. Guardians have the legal authority to make decisions for their ward and represent their personal and financial interests. Designating a guardian in the case of incapacity is a smart way to ensure that your wishes are upheld if you are not able to do so. Take time to designate a proper guardian, including any alternate choices, of both your person and your property.

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When an estate is in probate, it simplifies the process for those involved if the deceased had executed during their lifetime a valid Last Will. However, Maier Law Office has years of legal experience in assisting in the administration of both testate (with a Last Will) and intestate (no Last Will) estates. In addition, the administration of a probate estate can be either supervised or unsupervised. Maier Law Office has the experience for administering both supervised and unsupervised estates, as well as other legal situations. MLO will help you work through all the steps of probate from getting the Personal Representative of the estate appointed to, at the end, distributing the assets net of debts and expenses to the appropriate beneficiaries.

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When it comes to your estate, plan for all contingencies with the guardianship and probate services from Maier Law Office. Contact MLO at (317) 264-3636. Services are offered in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including Fishers, Carmel, and Zionsville. For more information, check out the about and FAQ pages.

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